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help a friend of a friend?

So I have a couple of friends who are tring to get some extra money into their bank accounts, so I'm pimping them here. Hope you don't mind. :)

First off, my lovely friend Kat. Kat [ladykatrianna] is recently married and moved to Canada, she is trying to earn some extra money for herself and her husband for a new home. She does tarot readings, and sells all manner of things relating to tarot. Check her out!

Second, the wonderful Nevvy! Nevvy [moonrise] is having an internet garage sale. There is a lot of clothes, movies, books, Sailor Moon, Disney, & Star Wars stuff. And I know there are a lot of dorks out there that would like her stuff.

You can find the clothes here and everything else here.

I personally am going to get this purse:

I love it. ♥

If you order anything from either of these ladies, I will gladly make you some icons or banners. Comment here with a screen capture or a link to the convo and I will gladly chat with you over what I can make. n_n
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